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maneatingmonkey's Journal

Jonathan K. Ficticious
12 May
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'dream herb', 'sexy-ugly', 1960's art deco furniture, a tribe called quest, adult swim, amon tobin, amélie, anime, animosity, aphex twin, art, beat, beatboxing, beatnik, beatniks, being a nut, bob marley, breakbeat, breaking, calea zacatechichi, canada, cartoons, chemistry, chronic, cinema, classical music, coil, comfortable shoes, culture, deltron, denver, dope, downtempo, dreamcast, dreaming, dreamy girls, drugs, eating mushrooms, eccentricities, electronic sounds, empowerment, energy drinks, experimental, family guy, file sharing, film, filmmaking, finding a rad girl, flcl, flim culture, freedom, fury, germany, getting into trouble, hip-hop, ideas, japan, jazz, john coltrane, jungle, jungle music, kurt vonnegut, life, love, lucid dreaming, magnetism, man eats a monkey, manga, massive attack, meatwad, metal gear, mexico, miles davis, monkey eating men, mos def, movies, music, nes, neurochemistry, nicaragua, nike's, old cartoons, old school shit, painting, passion, people, philsosphy, photography, placebo, poetry, portland oregon, positivity, psychoactives, puma shoes, radiohead, rasta, reading, records, resident evil, rock and roll, salvia, sci-fi novels, scratching, seattle, sega, sega dreamcast, serial experiments lain, sex, smoke city, spanish, spy thrillers, squarepusher, stealing, streamloading, stuff, subtleties, super mario, survival, switzerland, tabla beats, the doors, the future, the intelli-gents, the mind, the sneaker pimps, the universe, the whole beat movement, thinking, thrift store clothes, time travel, traveling, tricky, trip-hop, vancouver bc, vibrations, videogaming, vinyl, waking life, walt disney, wax, wisdom, wow, writing, zen, zombies